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About Sonshine Acres Maltese

Welcome to SONSHINE ACRES!!!

We are a family owned and operated business started near Lincoln, Nebraska in l989 and have been richly blessed since then in both family and business. Pam is a full time homemaker, mother and previous home-school teacher, along with other titles related to placing Maltese puppies in just the right homes. Ken is a middle school math teacher, father, and in charge of keeping all tails wagging happily!

Our five sons used to play a vital role in helping with the grooming, dental hygiene, cleanups, etc., until our last son graduated in '07. As you can see, our family continues to grow with more daughter-in-laws and grandkids. Lots of character building, work ethic, and life lessons resulted from their much appreciated help. So Thanks Guys!

We made the decision from ‘day one’ not to sacrifice quality for quantity. And by only raising Maltese puppies, we can concentrate on specifics to this breed. Sweet personalities, intelligence, sound genetic health and, of course, the breed standard physical appearance are our on-going breeding goals.

We are committed to providing the most clean, safe, loving environment possible and welcome people to come and visit.

If you’ve never had a well-bred Maltese puppy, you’re about to experience why they are considered "the most desired of all toy breed dogs."

Are you wanting another tiny family member? Click here to contact us!!!

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