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People love their Maltese puppies!

“Words can’t describe the joy that ‘Tiny’ and ‘Frosty’ have brought to me. They love everyone who visits my home and everyone loves them, even people who aren’t dog lovers”
- Bob M. (Lincoln, NE)

"Anytime I go out in public, people stop and comment on my gorgeous, darling Maltese. Several times I have been offered to buy them on the spot, but they could never pay me enough!"
- Blair B. (Concord, MA.)

"It is unbelievable how this little guy can take over your heart in such a short time. I hope all of your puppies have this kind of personality!"
- Gary V. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL.)

"Hey Pam, Just wanted to let you know how sweet, adorable and smart 'Rosie' is! She has been terrific in every way! She has not even had one 'accident' since I have had her. She is consistently going on the puppy pad, which I find unbelieveable. Thanks!"
- Kim K. (Skokia, IL)

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