"Pika is doing wonders for my husband.  (As you remember, he has severe PTSD). She has already learned to remind him to take his medication every night. She finds him at the same time every night and barks until he shakes his pill bottle and takes his pill. She continues to impress us everyday.  She is starting to learn the cue for when he is about to have an anxiety attack. When we put the girls to bed at night she insists on being with my husband and will stay by his side even climb into our daughters bed and wait until he leaves. He adores her beyond words. This week we are going to try going to the state fair for a bit. Something we haven't done in years because my husband can't handle it. But he said the idea of taking Pika makes him think it is possible and less scary. We are going on Friday and I am very hopeful that she can keep him calm enough that he might be able to enjoy himself a bit. He buys her clothes and coats for this winter. He is already tiny boot shopping for her. She is spoiled beyond measure." 

Christine H.



     "I haven't had a chance to check my home email yet today, but I wanted to tell you Mikey actually did great last night He is the sweetest little boy and that face of his is perfect! "  -  Sharon C.



          "I meant to email you sooner to tell you how happy we are with Daisy (Tinker F3).  Not only is she beautiful but what a nice outgoing personality she has.  She's not hyper or too timid, just the right mix.   Even after the long plane ride she emerged from the crate happy as could be.  She sleeps through the night and is practically potty trained already.  She's fantastic."  -  Fred and Maryjane S.


         "I was really surprised that she is even cuter in person than in her pictures (which were already off the charts cute). In fact, she is extremely cute and friendly and we are thrilled! All of the employees in the Cargo area were fawning over her. She ate her Nutri-Cal immediately even before she came out of her crate for the first time and drank some water. She even pottied in the grass before we got in the car to take her home. I guess I expected a distraught little puppy, but was I wrong."



         "I just wanted to give you an update with my little Aspen. He is now 5 months and a week old he weighs about 3.1 lbs. I followed your advice very strictly about giving his vaccine shot one at a time because of his small size. He is so gorgeous that every time I take him out for a short walk a lot of people would give me compliments of how cute my puppy is. He just finished his puppy class and he is very obedient, sociable and very very affectionate. He is very good with his potty training, he goes to the pooch pad almost 90%. I cannot tell you how happy I am and very satisfied with my purchase from you. Thank you very much."   -  Lorcelli G.



          "Just a note to let you know that I spoke with a woman today from NY inquiring about my experience purchasing a puppy from Sonshine.  I told her that I love my little guy ...   I told her that I'm considering another puppy down the road and if I will be one of your pups."  -  Gloria G.




          "I am just writing to let you know Chloe is the best puppy ever! I have had family members come from Jersey just because they heard about Chloe. She is the family star!! Everyone that comes to your site needs to know what special dogs you have sooooo happy I found you and chose you as my breeder. I took her to get groomed and they were in love. People always talk about how small and adorable she is.

Thanks a trillion and God Bless."  -  Kim



          "I must tell you that these puppies are the delight of our life. They are both the most loving dogs that we have ever owned.  I have followed your excellent instructions from the beginning, both dogs are extremely healthy and neither one has any idea what table food is."   Delores R. 




          "Bella will be 3 in Feb. We love her to death. She is the best dog we have ever had. She was easy to housebreak. Has learned many tricks and loves to GO anywhere we can take her. She loves our girls and they are all great with her. I could go on about how much she is a part of our family, but I just really wanted you to know how much she means to us. Thank You for having such high standards with your breeding. God Bless You and your family."  -  Marc and Tracie G


          "Even though I was prepared to see a precious little maltese today, that puppy stole my heart at first glance.  Sitting in her crate and blinking at me, she was in pristine condition and calm as a cucumber.  She obviously didn't experience any stress flying here all the way from Nebraska.  And her personality is even cuter than her looks.  She hasn't been nervous or fearful of all the new things and people. .  You may have heard my daughter's squeal all the way to Nebraska."  -  Debbie A



          "I recently had the privilege of babysitting for "Lilly", the maltese acquired from you. I just wanted to tell you that she is one exceptional little angel.  I had a Maltese for 18 years who still is the love of my life.  Although, I have to say that Lilly sure did tug at those heart strings that no dog has been able to tug at since losing mine.  You guys do an absolutely wonderful job at what you do.  Lilly's disposition was just amazing to me." -

  Chris G

       "Your puppies are more than dogs, they are sonshine in our life." - Don & Bonnie W


       "You were right, what a beautiful dog.  If you ever need an owner to tell someone how your dogs are once you get them home and how they are around people and other pets, I would be glad to tell them my story.  I have never owned dogs that all they want is love and are so content with their surroundings.  What a joy."  -  Mary D




          "Everything went Perfect!  I am so IN LOVE!!!  He is absolutely adorable!  He is the sweetest calmest little guy, sleeps all night, goes on the Wee Wee pads. You are Awesome Breeders, and I can tell he came from a home surrounded by nothing but LOVE!  Thanks so much!"  - Annette P