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At Sonshine Acres, we take great pride in producing top quality, healthy Maltese puppies through a responsible, selective breeding program which offers these qualities in well-bred Maltese dogs:


Maltese Appearance and size

  • Silky, thick white hair, not fur

  • Tiny-slightly longer than tall

  • Weight: 4-7 lbs generally--meets American Kennel Club (AKC) standard

  • Height: 7-9 inches depending on size

Maltese Temperament

  • Playful, but not hyper

  • Not aggressive

  • Loves all people

  • Great with children

  • Very intelligent

Maltese Care and Health

  • Non-shedding-no "doggie smell"

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Easy to potty train

  • Very minimal health issues


The AKC (American Kennel Club) states that the Maltese are considered "to be among the gentlest mannered of all toy breed dogs, yet lively and playful as well as vigorous." They love everyone and everything, including children and other pets. We refer to them as "little lovers." They do not have that "doggie smell," are hypoallergenic, don't shed, and are absolutely the most loving and affectionate little dog you could ever imagine. A well-bred Maltese is very intelligent. They are quite easy to house break, especially if you do it correctly and follow the potty training sheet that we include. Our particular puppies are usually between 4-7 lbs.


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