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First of all, we like to clarify that all of our breeding males and females are here with us on the acreage and we own them all. We also only raise Maltese puppies as they are our first love. We do not broker or sell to pet stores, only one-on-one with private individuals like yourselves. We have worked very hard as Maltese breeders to produce a beautiful and healthy maltese dog, most times resulting in a much higher quality and healthier dog than you might find with other situations. And we are very thankful for the fact that we very very seldom have health related issues with any of our dogs. All of our Maltese puppies have champs in their pedigrees, but are not champion sired. You are always welcome to visit our home and check out our facilities and dogs to ease any misgivings you naturally would have. Also, personal references are welcome and encouraged.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) states that the Maltese is considered "to be among the gentlest mannered of all toy breed dogs, yet lively and playful as well as vigorous." They love everyone and everything, including children and other pets. We refer to them as "little lovers." They do not have that "doggie smell," are hypoallergenic, don't shed, and absolutely are the most loving and affectionate little dog you could ever imagine. A well-bred maltese is very intelligent. They are quite easy to house break, especially if you do it correctly and follow the potty training sheet that we include. Our particular puppies are usually between 4-7 lbs.

We offer a one-year health guarantee on life-threatening genetic defects in the puppy, such as heart murmur, liver shunt, etc. We want to be honoring to the Lord in dealing with all of our clients if a problem should occur. All of our parents are registered with AKC and ACA, and we make every effort to build integrity into the breed. All have champions in their pedigrees and are sold with limited registration unless otherwise agreed to. All registration papers are held until proof of neuter/spay is received.

Puppies get their shots at 8, 12, and 16 weeks, as well as 5 wormings.

Our Maltese males puppies usually start at $850 and female puppies start at $1250.The differences in prices reflect the puppy's size (AKC standard mature weight for Maltese is 4-7 lbs), coloring, and conformation. The larger pups are the least expensive. Many times summer prices are lower due to people’s busyness and waiting to purchase a puppy. Tiny females are more. All puppies purchased as pets would have limited registration, which means that the dog can be registered, but if it were bred, you would not be able to register the pups. As stated above, all registration papers are held until proof of neuter/spay is received.

Males, many times, get a bad rap, mostly because people don't understand that if neutered at around 5 months, they are almost guaranteed not to mark their territory. Marking is a hormonal response which neutering solves. In fact, many vets, groomers and trainers think their temperament to be even sweeter. So donít let the male/female issue be the only determining factor in selection. Our references would speak to both male and female being equally wonderful. We personally feel that it is the temperament of the dog that is most important, not whether they are male or female (same as people). Also, both come in the tiny or larger sizes. You honestly would not be able to tell the difference.

Certainly. We want you and the puppy to be happy and compatible. We have put together several pages on the care of your new arrival which includes house-breaking, procuring the best foods, feeding schedule, shot-worming info, precautions with do's and don'ts, tearing info and catalog suggestions for ordering miscellaneous doggie products. These are sent with the puppy. AND we encourage our new Maltese puppy owners to stay in contact with questions.

If you e-mail us, we have an information letter that tells what is available, their descriptions and prices. Simply request a picture of whichever ones you would like to see

When we have pups available, we can take deposits (Visa or MC) for puppies that are not quite ready for travel and deposits are non-refundable. I do need to mention that whoever puts a deposit down first, gets the puppy. The remaining payment needs to be with a Cashiers Check or Money Order, direct deposit, or wire transfer to guarantee that it gets here in plenty of time.

We would be glad to visit with you about what we have to offer, so please e-mail us to get the conversation started.

We want to find loving, safe homes for our Maltese puppies, so we may have a few questions on your situation and past experiences (fenced yard, previous ownership, age of children, etc).

We have a brochure to mail if you want.

Thanks again for showing interest in our puppies and for trusting us to fit the perfect puppy to your home situation.

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Ken and Pam Miller - Sonshine Acres

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