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Maltese Hello! We are Cuddles and Candy, and we are very proud and honored to be called a "Maltese". Our wonderful owners have asked us to share some information about our beloved Maltese breed so here goes!

Many people are drawn to our mellow, loving temperaments and quite frankly, we are totally thrilled to be romping with the kids or just cuddling in your laps. We hate to brag, but... we Maltese puppies are considered very intelligent and easy to train ,unlike some of the other toy breeds. Our breed standard size is 4-7 lbs and we really are just as sweet as we look! ( I am just saying what I hear everyone else say!!) Our hair is always white and very silky, our noses and eye rims being black. Best of all, WE DO NOT SHED!! which is why we are hypoallergenic dogs. You'll love this - WE DO NOT HAVE THAT "DOGGY SMELL"! We love being spoiled and playing with absolutely everyone and anything that moves! My master always brags that we are not hyper like most other toy breeds, so everyone, no matter what age, just adores us.

Oops, we gotta go. We have an appointment for our workout (with the cat)! You can click on the "Available Pups" link or give my master a call or email and see if there is a chance that they may have one of our sweet friends to add to your family. See ya later!

Click here to check out our photo album!

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